Election Night [Social Media]

I spent election night in front of Trump’s HQ for the night, the Hilton Hotel. I spoke to his supporters and got a sense of why they chose to vote for Trump.

I covered this election night for many French-language outlets, including Radio-Canada/CBC, Radio Caraibes International, Choq-FM and the SciencesPo Journalism School. [I wrote a post about this, with links, in French]

However, I also covered this election night on Twitter [Check out my Storify with all my tweets from that day]…

… and Snapchat [coming soon]

Who are the women voting for Trump? [Uptown Radio]

When it comes to Donald Trump and women, one number is commonly used: an estimated 7 in 10 women nationally view him unfavorably. But on the Republican side, things are a little different, even if they’re not  so open about it.  That’s the story I worked on this week on Uptown Radio.




Amoris Laetitia [Uptown Radio]

Today the pope release a new document on families called the Amoris Laetitia or The Joy of Love  in Latin. In it he explains his views on love, marriage, contraception and divorce. I worked on a day story for Uptown Radio where I looked into the importance of this new document for divorced Catholics.